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Beautiful Memorials for Lasting Memories

Providing Fine Monuments for the Departed

Headstones to Honor Your Late Loved Ones

Dead does not mean gone, and one way to make the memories you have with a departed family or friend last is by honoring them with a beautiful monument. Affinity Monuments is dedicated to helping you pay tribute by providing them with exceptional memorials, monuments, and headstones.

The Monument Builder

I am William Coggins, and I established Affinity Monuments as a way to give back to the community here in Sulphur Springs, Texas. I was very blessed to be surrounded by great people who helped deepen my faith in God as I grew up. This venture of selling headstones grew from my passion in helping families honor the passing of their loved ones through beautiful monuments.

Affinity Monuments only began with a laptop and a dream, but it has now grown into a benevolent venture through my seamless and professional process of creating low-cost headstones combined with my unique design ideas and masterful craftsmanship. I always aim to create the best headstones to honor loved ones with the highest quality of work.

Top-Quality Headstones for Your Departed Loved Ones

Through this venture, I create and sell beautifully designed memorials and headstones at accessible price points to those who are in need of my services. In order to properly offer my assistance, I personally meet with the families and loved ones of the deceased to know how they would like to honor their dearly departed through my customized headstone services.

To help grieving families honor the memories of their late loved ones in a special way, I also offer my assistance for the designing and creation of the following:

  • Mausoleums
  • Columbariums
  • Markers
  • Benches
  • Vases
  • Urns
  • Pictures
  • Laser Etching
  • Last Date Inscription for Headstones
  • Setting of Stone in the Cemetery
  • Leveling Services

Honoring the Deceased the Best Way We Can

My company is an industry leader in terms of the quality and price point of our products. Along with my excellent workmanship and my specialization in using U.S.A. Black Stone, my clients are definitely able to pay tribute and remember the memories of their dearly departed in a beautiful way.

Get in Touch With Me

Look back on the memories you have with a loved one who has passed as you honor their life and death with an exceptional memorial. Contact me to know more about my services.